Was KCOM UK broadband internet down due to a cyber attack?

Kingston Communications which is UK’s top communication and IT service provider has apologized to all its customers for facing internet downtime on this shopping weekend. The company has issued an email apology to all its customers in Hull whose internet was down from Friday last week.

As per the email apology, the company is still into the rectification process of the broadband services to most of the customers and will complete it by late Tuesday.

Although, the firm said that it was just an intermittent issue, some reliable sources from the company, who chose to remain anonymous said that the servers were down due to a cyber attack. The criminals might have targeted the service provider with DDoS attacks in order to disrupt the holiday season which was going in full swing.

Some users experienced internet downtime from late Friday. Slowly, the disruption started to show its effect on small amounts of customers on a gradual note. And by late Sunday, almost everyone was having issues with internet access.

The customer service team was super friendly with the users and apologized for the inconvenience caused.

Just a few hours ago, KCOM issued an official press statement about the issue and apologized to its customers. It assured that things will be quickly sorted out and the service will be brought back by late Tuesday.

From past two years, merchants across Europe and UK especially are offering great shopping deals on electronics on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and on Cyber Monday. Earlier, this trend was seen only in the US.

So, the disruption of service might have crashed their shopping dreams to a large extent.

Note- It has to be notified over here that KCOM is the only fixed line services offering Broadband in a residential area of Hull. According to a decision made by European Commission in 2004, KCOM Group succeeded in becoming the sole broadband service provider in Hull with 100% market share.

Naveen Goud
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