Watch the movie Subservience where AI Robot goes rogue

All these days we have seen a lot of tweets from technologists like Elon Musk predicting robots propelled by Artificial Intelligence going against humanity. But if you want to see it practically on the silver screen, then you can watch the latest sci-fi thriller ‘Subservience’ that is being canned.

Megan Fox will play an AI robot mother going rogue in the movie, alongside Michele Morrone. It is about a busy guy employing an AI robot (Megan Fox) to do household chores and how it develops motherly feelings and goes rogue & deadly.

Millenium Media is producing the movie has a lot of confidence that the film directed by SK Dale will appeal to audiences of today’s generation as it reflects the happenings in the current society.

A few of the scenes have been already shot in Bulgaria and the main film shoot will start from January 7th of next year and scheduled to be released by Christmas 2023.

Megan’s boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly, will do a cameo. Though there is no official confirmation of it yet.

We all know that such movies were also seen in the past, like Terminator and series. But the latest seems to have a different storyline as a robot created and induced with machine learning intelligence will start reciprocating human feelings later, turning deadly.

The budget of the movie is yet to be revealed. Since it has a lot of blue and green mat involvement (CGI) the budget can easily go beyond a double-digit figure of millions.


Naveen Goud
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