We are scared of Artificial Intelligence says OpenAI CEO


After the release of ChatGPT in November 2022, the OpenAI CEO and the people behind the conversational chatbot launch say that they are equally scared of the negative consequences that the newly developed technology can fetch in the future.

Sam Altman, the tech brain leading the company, now owned by Microsoft, spoke a few words about what the world was intending to say about the tech.

Responding to a query expressed by a participant at the release of new AI tech GPT-4, Altman, 37, stressed that he, his team, and all the tech enthusiasts should take the pledge to protect the world in such a way that ChatGPT doesn’t negate the consequences for humanity.

Especially, the leader is worried that the two newly released AI-based technologies, ChatGPT and GPT-4, can play havoc by acting as large-scale sources to spread disinformation or fake news.

What if the human capable of generating a computer code could use the innovation to launch cyber attacks?…..said Altman.

Despite fears, the invention has the full potential to become a highly assisting technology for humanity, developed to date.

Forget all the innovations developed to date, like radio, TV, smartphone, computer, and internet; as we can gain a slew of benefits from the latest AI model GPT-4, as it can become the fastest growing consumer application in history, added Sam Altman.

NOTE- The insights were provided by the OpenAI CEO, after Elon Musk, the Tesla chief, denounced the move of Microsoft to disband the team that was over-viewing the regulatory ethics of AI. In one of his tweets posted in December last year, Musk proclaimed himself as the sole technology leader to call for AI safety regulation for over a decade.


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