Webinar: A crash course in designing a security architecture for your containerized applications


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This month we released our final webinar of the year, and boy did we finish with a bang! Our VP of Product Management, Amit Gupta led this webinar and demonstrated how best to design security architecture for your containerized applications.

As you likely know, containerization has been with us for more than a decade, but recently has been exploding in popularity with the introduction of Docker in 2013. Containers have allowed for improved speed and scalability for cloud-centric applications, and many previous inefficiencies have been eliminated thanks to their rise.

Gupta employed real world examples to highlight:

  • How containerized applications are different from traditional virtual-machine based applications
  • New security implications and attack vectors
  • A security design pattern for your containerized applications

Did you miss our latest webinar? Not a problem. You can view it in its entirety here.

Photo:Security Magazine


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