Webinar: Automated infrastructure security with a practical example


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Last week we collaborated with DevOps.com to produce our latest webinar: Automated infrastructure security with a practical example. CloudPassage solutions engineer Jenks Gibbons led the discussion by addressing why many security practitioners and engineers believe security is still roadblock within the DevOps process. He showcased the ways in which security can be automated and baked into the DevOps cycle in order to easily detect and remediate a common vulnerability and exposure, or CVE.

To explore this, Jenks employed a real-life example using the CloudPassage Halo agent. Using Halo he demonstrated how a critical CVE can be discovered in a build job, and where the base image will be patched and the fix will be confirmed.

Thank you to DevOps.com for hosting this webinar and to all of you who participated and asked questions at the end!

If you weren’t able to catch last week’s webinar, you can view it here.

Photo:Information Security Buzz


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