Webinar: How to fearlessly embrace agility in IT security

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Last week we partnered with the Argyle Security Forum to bring together leading IT security executives for our latest webinar, the 2017 CISO virtual event: how to fearlessly embrace agility in IT security.

For those of you who didn’t catch last week’s webinar, not to worry you can view it on our site here. This webinar focused on several critical areas designed to help enterprise security teams make the leap into agile processes including:

  • Best practices for developing, delivering and integrating agile methods into security workflows
  • Leveraging automation to boost security in legacy environments as well as to keep up with next-generation technology initiatives
  • Achieving frictionless, ubiquitous security visibility across hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Along with sponsoring this webinar, CloudPassage Co-founder and CTO, Carson Sweet, moderated the panel and dove into the security challenges and opportunities presented by agile and cloud-based application delivery. Additional panelists included high-ranking security executives from several industries including:

  • Frank DePaola, Cybersecurity Operations Leader, GE Appliances
  • Sean Lowder, Vice President & CISO, BlueCross BlueShield of Louisiana
  • Maxime Rousseau, CISO, Personal Capital

Special thanks to all who attended. We appreciated your questions and the rousing conversation! To learn more about our upcoming webinars and events follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Photo:Global Technology Company


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