what’s so special about a CASB: part five


Performance and Scalability

 are becoming an integral piece of organizations’ cloud security strategies. In Part 1we learned how businesses have evolved to become more mobile and thus required comprehensive data protection that extended beyond the cloud. In Part 2 we covered the importance of real-time inline data protection. In Part 3 we delved into the type of policies and controls organizations have at their disposal to protect data. We also covered our burgeoning UEBA features and patented encryption capabilities. In Part 4we discussed out of band Breach Discovery which provides visibility into potential data exfiltration threats. Features and capabilities are key to an effective security solution, as well as deployability and scalability.

Bitglass is hosted on an elastic, auto-scaling, geo-load balanced Amazon Web Service (AWS) architecture adhering to industry standards. Users are load balanced to the closest server based on location to minimize latency. Since AWS maintains multiple data centers throughout the world, we can ensure all users enjoy high performance access to any cloud-based applications. AWS is even able to reroute users to other datacenters in the event of service disruption or performance degradation.

The Bitglass solution leverages AWS to meet data residency regulations so that enterprises can maintain regulatory compliance in the cloud. Bitglass is also flexible enough to be deployed on-premises on your own network or in your own private cloud.  In these situations, Bitglass will work with customers to develop sizing and redundancy to satisfy capacity and performance requirements.

Other CASBs, deployed in proprietary data-centers with proprietary security architectures, introduce a host of security, compliance and scalability issues.

The beauty of Bitglass is that most deployments can be completed within two weeks, depending on the size of the company and feature requirements. Rolling Bitglass out to employees is made easy across cloud andmobile because our solution is agentless and requires no software on users devices. Employees are more likely to adopt security solutions that don’t require invasive agents their devices.

Bitglass is the only complete CASB that can provide total data protection in-line and in real-time that is easy to implement and deploy in any environment. But enough talking, why don’t you come try it out for yourself? Contact us to setup a trial.


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