A vulnerability in Google Cloud earns $31k

A security researcher from South America was awarded $31,337 as a bug bounty reward for finding a bug in the Google Cloud. And the researcher’s name is being reported as Ezequiel Pereira who has found a remote code execution vulnerability in Google Cloud Deployment Manager.

Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the Uruguayan computer science student discovered the flaw when he managed to infiltrate the secure APIs such as issuetracker.corp.googleapis.com using the gslbTarget parameter.

The web search giant appreciated the find by paying the security researcher a good amount as it could have exposed the internal infrastructure of Google to the hacker if left unpatched.

Google Cloud issued an immediate fix to the security vulnerability on May 7th and thus appreciated the researcher accordingly.

In technical terms, Google Cloud Deployment Manager is an Infrastructure related service that allows us to create, deploy, and manage cloud resources related to Google.

Coming to the other news related to Google Cloud, Dell Technologies has announced that it is offering Dell Technologies Cloud OneFS for customers of Google Cloud to cater to organizations’ data and applications structural flow.

Thus, with the latest offering, Dell Technologies wants business firms to improve and ease the complexities involved in hybrid cloud deployments with its ‘Cloud Advancements’ which allows customers to move their data and applications across public and private clouds and that too with minimal costs.

On an overall note, Dell Technologies Cloud wants to bring the best in the public cloud to data centers and vice versa by eliminating all the complexities which in turn helps companies in focusing their resources on delivering value to their clients rather than spending time on infrastructure management.

Naveen Goud
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