AI Robots to be hurled into earth space through Satellite Slingshots


A company named ‘SpinLaunch’ has developed a novel way of launching satellites into low earth orbits without the use of fuel or any kind of high-cost powering energy. It has in fact developed a rocket launching platform that uses massive slingshots that are in the size of the Statue of Liberty.

Technically speaking, the slingshot rotates its arm at 5,000 miles per hour speed and shoots a projectile directly into the space to about 25,000- 200,000 feet above the earth’s surface.

The project is still in the nascent stage and is being developed to send 440 pounds of satellites into the space.

NASA, Airbus, Cornell University and Satellites producing company “Output Space” have already conducted trials with the G-force powered accelerators and are intending to send AI robots into the space as per a testing scheme and as per the laws of the Space Act Agreement.

The satellite hurling accelerator is currently in Spaceport America in the Jornada Del Muerto Desert of New Mexico. Although the accelerator needs energy to operate, the orbital launch system will help to launch satellites at minimal costs, high cadence, and with great precision.

Idea to send AI powered robots is to know whether humans can withstand the consequences of G-force that could show influence on their bodies. And if the test succeeds, then there is a high probability that the experiment could lead us to low-cost travel to the moon or other space subjects.


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