US to stop GPS data communication from Foreign Satellites

After weeks of diligent examination into potential cyber threats posed by foreign satellites manipulating GPS signals to U.S. mobile devices, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is now urging the White House to enact a permanent ban on such interference. Since July 2023, the FCC has fielded approximately seven complaints expressing apprehension that Russian and Chinese […]

AI Robots to be hurled into earth space through Satellite Slingshots

A company named ‘SpinLaunch’ has developed a novel way of launching satellites into low earth orbits without the use of fuel or any kind of high-cost powering energy. It has in fact developed a rocket launching platform that uses massive slingshots that are in the size of the Statue of Liberty. Technically speaking, the slingshot […]

China to spy through satellites over internet

Tesla company owner Elon Musk announced last year that his SpaceX Starlink internet service will reach to the remote places on continents like Africa and Asia providing connectivity to the people in rural areas who lack at least the basic communication services. China is all set to follow the same path as it has applied […]

US fears shadow cyber attacks on its Satellites by Russia n China

US fears nations like China and Russia will soon copy and surpass its space capabilities, say in a decade or so. General David Thompson, the Chief of US Space operations, opined things are getting worse as days are passing by and could prove fatal to America or the entire world within no time. Expressing his […]

Cyber Threat to US Satellites says Pentagon

Pentagon has issued a cyber threat warning to all satellites operating for United States that China and Russia are planning to take down their space stations through cyber attacks and not missiles. Derek Tournear, the director of Space Development Agency (SDA) said that in the next two years, both the adversaries of North America are […]

US Air Force launches Cyber Attacks on GPS Systems

US Air Force reportedly launched cyber attacks on GPS Systems early this year says a source familiar with the news due to Congressional mandate. However, the attack was launched by an experts team of Booz Allen on behalf of US Air Force on the digital replica of satellites and not the original ones and was […]

China to launch satellites controlled by Artificial Intelligence

China is all set to pave way for innovation in the field of astronomical science by launching Satellites which will be controlled by Artificial Intelligence. This news piece was revealed by China Central television on Sunday and the resource adds that the Satellites will be launched in a series which will occupy the orbits by […]

US and NATO Satellites are vulnerable to Russia and China Cyber Attacks

All these days we have seen nations like US and UK criticizing other countries like Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran for launching cyberattacks against their national infrastructure. But now, new research conducted by a defense think tank says a different story. It’s believed that US and NATO command and control systems are themselves opening […]

Cyber Attack on Japan to initiate war with the United States

As per the latest security treaty signed between Japan and the United States, any state-funded cyber attack on Japan is enough to infuriate the United States which could make it launch back cyber attacks in retaliation. Yes, you’ve read it right! As per the bilateral security talk signed by Japanese officials in the presence of […]

Cloud Startup gains $100 M funding to build secure data centers in Satellites

After exploring land and the water to build data centers, scientists are now finding ways to build secure data centers in a network of satellites operating in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). In fact, a new startup has taken a step ahead in the process by gaining a $100M funding for its Space Laser Cloud Security. […]

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