AI to powerboats and cruises to fly by reducing 80% of water friction

Imagine if a boat or small cruise starts flying on water….! Well, it seems like a scene in a James Bond series….isnt it? But it’s going to be true in reality as boat manufacture has released a boat that travels approximately feet high on the water- similar to the technology used by a Hovercraft.

Dubbed as Candela C-7, it is the world’s 1st AI-powered boat that automatically stabilizes its ride due to the presence of electric hydrofoils that help reduce 80% of friction from water and thus boosts the speed of the boat by 70% as resistance from water is extremely low.

The price of the Candela C seven will be approximately ₤192,000 and will be attaining a speed of 30 knots to the maximum.

Candela C7 was for the first time displayed at the year 2019 held Venice Boat Show

As the Watercraft is powered by a 40Kwh lithium power battery, the performance of the boat will be optimal and consistent throughout the drive on water.

Artificial Intelligence-driven technology will enhance the experience of the vehicle while on the move as it is connected to the cloud and will get all updates over the air. Since it sieves loads of data generated by sensors and matches them with the ones beamed by the satellites, it can gain a clear vision of what is going to happen in advance, thus leading to accident-free journeys on and below the water such as hitting other boats and the rocks beneath.

Currently, only a single model of the boat has been offered in the form of Candela C7 and in near future, the same hydrofoil technology is said to be applied to small-time cruises on a commercial note.

Naveen Goud
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