All enterprises are at risk of mobile attacks says Check Point Software Technologies

Checkpoint Software Technologies released a mobile security report of 2021 that states that almost all enterprises operating in the world are at the risk of facing mobile attacks. The report that was compiled after analyzing data collected from Jan’2020 to Dec’2020 from over 1800 organizations gives us an overview of the current trends existing in the mobile landscape.

It gives an insight on how organizations can defend themselves against such attacks by following a basic mobile cyber hygiene.

The highlights of the Check Point Research Mobile Security Report 2021 include-

Almost 46% of organizations witnessed at least one download of malicious mobile application that has put the entire network into jeopardy in 2020.

Reiterating the fact said in one of the above sentences, the security report states that almost all organizations are on the verge of being exposed to mobile attacks. And over 93% are those originating were likely originating from the device network only to trick users to download malicious payloads through compromised applications or websites.

Check Point report states that every 4 in ten mobiles on a global note are vulnerable to cyber attacks, irrespective of the operating system they were working on. And most of the flaws originated from within the chip-sets or software.

Also, the American Israel Multinational firm states that the year 2020 witnessed a steep increase in the mobile malware that mainly includes banking Trojans that steal user credentials and the other that mines cryptocurrency.

It was witnessed by the security researchers from Check Point Software Technologies that APT groups were seen constantly targeting mobile devices and one such group that was super active last year was dubbed as Iran’s Rampant Kitten that had the potential to spy on its victims and steal their sensitive data.

Note- During the 3Q of 2020, Check Point witnessed that a malware variant was specifically targeting Mobile Device Management(MDM) systems of Multinational Companies and compromised over 75% of managed mobile devices by exploiting their control systems.

Naveen Goud
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