Amazon Echo and Google Nest can be hacked and used to steal data


Security researchers from the consumer group ‘Which?’ have discovered that smart home products such as Google Nest and Amazon Echo smart speaker can be hacked at any moment as security patch updates have been stopped to such devices from the past three years and so they are or might have already fallen prey to hackers.

Mentioning some device names, Which? alerted all those users who are using products such as Samsung Galaxy S8, Virgin Media supplied Super Hub 2, Liv Cam Baby monitor, Wemo smart plug, Phillips TV and HP Deskjet Inkjet Printer to stay on alert regarding the Cybersecurity.

Most of such devices are not receiving security updates from the past 2-3 years as they have become old and companies have switched to the use of new technology/s. So, cyber crooks are always on the prowl for such vulnerable devices, as they can use them to launch DDoS attacks, track their ex-partners to domestically abuse them and create havoc online.

The London-based group that screeches for consumer privacy argues that often such vulnerabilities lead to economic and serious damage to the reputation of individuals and companies.

After getting an alert from Which?’s Rocio Concha, the director of Privacy and Advocacy, on Twitter, Amazon responded to the alert on a positive note. Its spokesperson said that they already released a security update to 2nd generation Echo Devices in 2017 and the latest breed doesn’t contain any such issues- well, hope so!

NOTE- Which? Is a customer related organization based in UK and is after protection of consumer rights from product related frauds, by offering product reviews from experts after conducting rigorous tests. The not-for-profit organizations raises its voice against online scams and campaigns for the use of safe and secure products. In recent years, it has emerged as an independent consumer voice and influenced and reverse the decisions taken by businesses, politicians and lawmakers.


Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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