Amazon employees spy on users of Cloud Cams


Amazon employees from India and Romania have been assigned a task of watching out video footage streamlined from cloud cams without the consent of users.

According to a report published in Bloomberg dozens of employees from Amazon are seen watching intimate moments recorded by Cloud Cams on their computer screens which the tech giant claims is being used to train the Cloud Cam’s Artificial Intelligence project for distinguishing between real threats and normal day to day proceedings- Like characterization of a burglar and a pet.

Bloomberg’s report claims that Amazon’s human workers are watching over 150 video clippings of 20-30 seconds time frame per day which includes intimate moments that happens between couples in the bedrooms.

Although the company claims that users are in control of videos being recorded on Amazon Cloud Cam Security Cameras, there is enough evidence that something extra is taking place behind the doors of the retail giant.

A source from the Indian Amazon office located in Hyderabad said that this kind of project generally takes place behind closed doors where security and privacy are given utmost importance. The source added that the systems provided by the company do not give a chance for the employee to copy, screen record or transmit the video as taking pen drives, mobile phones and tablets are highly prohibited by a security protocol. At the same time, when Cloud Cam Customers chose to share a video clip via Amazon Cloud Cam app then only the American Tech giant annotates it to its staff for further analysis.

FYI, Amazon sells its Cloud Cam Security Cameras only in the United States for a price range of $119.99. And the features include HD recording, live or motion alert and video evidence storage for a period of 24 hours on its servers. And the best part is that Amazon allows its video recording devices to be integrated with Alexa, Amazon Fire TV, and other products closely-held by the company.

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