Anti-malware solutions provider John McAfee Suicide


American Anti-malware solutions provider John McAfee reportedly committed suicide( by hanging) in a prison in Barcelona, Spain on June 23rd, 2021. And the police officials say that the 73-year old might have taken the extreme step as he was disappointed that the Spanish National Court will be extraditing him to the United States to face charges such as money laundering and tax evasion.


Since, October 2020, McAfee is facing tax evasion charges from the US Securities and Exchange (SEC) in addition to the fraudulent cryptocurrency investments his company made since 2016.


It seems like after receiving a lot of accolades from computer patrons and the American government, it seems like McAfee couldn’t take the negativity anymore and so committed suicide in the Spanish Prison.


This was evident in the last tweet made by him on June 10th and it clearly states that he was down emotionally as he couldn’t take the truth that his persona will be dented with the fabricated legal allegations that landed him in jail.


Hope, his soul rests in peace!


Note- Born in the 1950s to a British mother and a US army officer based in the UK, Mr. John McAfee spent much of his life in the United States and earned a degree in Mathematics. He was the founder of McAfee, the first-ever anti-virus software that later partnered with Microsoft to serve as an official Computer Security Vendor to Microsoft- for few months though.

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