Apple acquires dark data startup

Apple Inc, the American Electronics maker has officially announced that it has acquired dark data startup for $200 million. Lattice Io is a company which analyzes dark or unstructured data and uses tools to convert it into structured data. So, Apple aims to develop Siri with the data mining capabilities of

As we know that one of Apple’s core business objectives is to never disclose the info related to its acquisitions and so not much is known about the deal.

However, as per the info available on Crunchbase, Lattice Io was founded in 2015 by a Stanford research project DeepDive. The company emerged out of a framework to extract raw data from text and appears to use machine learning to parse through databases or the web to answer queries posted by mobile users.

We all know that Google’s Knowledge Graph (GOOG) is already close to the technology which Lattice.Io offers. Goog helps in understanding the relationship between people, places, objects, subjects and things and helps android users with answers to questions like  “What is the capital of California and such?”.

Maybe, Apple might be interested in sophisticating the voice search technology of Siri users in near future and so its intentions paid way to the purchase of

As per our sources of Cybersecurity Insiders, Apple started the legal process to acquire lattice io in Feb this year and completed the process of buying it on May 14th,2017.

Note- Deepdive is a software framework used for statistical inference, allowing us to solve data cleaning, extraction, and integration problems on a joint scale. So far, Deepdive has been applied for Darpa program of Human Trafficking, Wiscipedia, Tac KBP Challenge, Geology and Paleontology applications and in Medical Genetics.

Naveen Goud
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