Apple Inc to start take App Privacy Notifications seriously


Apple Inc has made it official that it is going to implement App Privacy Notifications seriously that could impact deeply digital ad firms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Now to those uninitiated, the new policy can only roll out when the company’s iOS 14.5 OS rolls out in coming days. And will ask all app developers to make it mandatory to ask their users permission before they track their activity.

Samuel Roberts, a well-known app developer working for Google from Australia says that such kind of rules will surely make the app developers reject such claims that could backfire at them as their app could be blocked until it follows all pre-determined rules marked by the app store.

From Consumers side, such kind of privacy permissions can help them stay worrisome on who is tracking their lives on a digital note.

Note 1- All app developers have to abide by the rules set by the technology giant as disobeying the orders could keep them out of the Apple Store forever. So, companies like Facebook and Twitter will for sure bow down to the demands of the iPhone makers as they cannot lose access to the iOS platform loving users.

Note 2- Actually the move was planned to be implemented in September 2020 and the announcement was made on June 2020. However, the iOS giant postponed the new roll out as it wanted to give some time to developers who allow ads to be posted on various app platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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