Australia has declared a war against ISIS in cyberspace

Australia has made it official that it has launched a warfare against Islamic State Group in cyberspace. However, this announcement has increased the cyber vulnerability of businesses and government organizations operating in Australia, as ISIS has also declared a counter attack.

Speaking to the Parliment, Australian Prime Minister said that the nation is now waging a war against the Islamic State in cyberspace with the help of other nations such as US and UK. Turnbull stated that the nation’s cybersecurity operations are now being subjected to the same rules of engagement that apply to other military capabilities.

Already, the Australian government has invested $23 million on Cyber Security Strategy under the guidance of the Australian Signals Directorate to acknowledge its offensive cyber capabilities. This clearly hints that Australia’s cyber security teams have the ability to penetrate into IS network systems to steal information or compromise command and control.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has made it official his nation’s capabilities in the cyberspace has increased to many folds in recent times. Turnbull added that a cyber attack on nation’s critical infrastructure is equal to a terror attack on public.

Australia’s cyber security minister Dan Tehan admitted that there would be a backlash from ISIS after the recent statement issued by their prime minister. But Mr. Tehan said that their nation was now immune to devastating’ cyber storms’ which could otherwise cripple power, telephone, emergency and financial networks.

Already, such cyber war against terrorist groups and nations has been taken up by US and UK and now the latest to join is Australia.

In the meantime, ISIS has also released a fresh video where it claims that its hackers can take on any nation without much strain. They also added that they are ready to wage an intensive cyber war against all those nations which are against its policies.

Naveen Goud
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