AWS Secrets Manager to boost cloud security on Amazon Web Service

Amazon’s Chief Technology Officer Werner Vogels announced yesterday a new Amazon Web Services security console named ‘AWS Security Manager’ that brings together several existing AWS Security attributes along with a few new ones. Also, the 60-year Amazon technologist argued that the new breed of security features allow the
AWS users to build systems that are way more secure than ever.

Speaking at the AWS Summit at San Francisco, Vogels expressed concern on how data breaches have become an integral part of lives over the past few years. He said that all these security concerns are building up due to the fact that companies have been building security into their applications as an afterthought i.e after the security concerns have emerged. Werner added that Security is everyone’s job and it’s the responsibility of service providers to protect their customers.

As credentials tend to form a weak link in even the best information security policy, AWS Security Manager allows developers to induce the credentials into applications unlike the traditional practice of writing them into the source code.

While the new Security Manager works with credentials for database managed by cloud company’s Relational Database Service, it also works with 3rd party API keys on a parallel note. Hence, the service also handles auto-motility of security credentials.

Early this year, security researchers have discovered that hackers have been using unprotected credentials on Tesla’s AWS account to perform cryptocurrency mining on Tesla’s dime.

To curb such incidents, AWS Security Manager keeps a tab on all those who are accessing security credentials and allows a Lambda propelled control on who is allowed to access certain credentials.
Also, Amazon Web Services Firewall Manager is designed in such a way that it allows admins to use other AWS Security Services from a central dashboard.

Furthermore, AWS Certificate Manager allows Amazon customers to gain private certificates for securing web applications via Private Security Certificate feature.

Along with the newly integrated security features, Amazon also announced the availability of a new low-cost storage on its Simple Storage Service(S3). The feature allows users to store data inside a single availability zone, unlike multiple availability zones.

While the new storage seems to be less reliable, it is being offered at a 20 percent cheaper rate than the S3 infrequent access storage platform which replicates data to multiple availability zones.

Werner Hans Peter Vogels also announced at the summit the expansion of Amazon services for AI training, translation and transcription which includes SageMaker availability to general AWS customers.

Naveen Goud
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