Best Data Recovery Software of 2018: Top 10 Software for Windows, Mac and Android

A big part of the mission revolves around promoting cloud tools as a means of preventing data loss. Cloud backup solutions in particular are ideal to ensure you’ve always got a copy of your most valuable content. That said, we also understand the importance of taking such measures doesn’t really come to light until you’ve been bitten by the data loss bug. Our roundup with the best data recovery software shows you which vendors you can rely on. 

The good news is that if you find yourself tearing out your hair because you accidentally deleted a file or are dealing with a corrupted, deleted or formatted partition, there might be a way out even if you neglected setting up a backup plan. During this roundup, we’ll be introducing our readers to some of our favorite data recovery software.

Do you need a data recovery service or is software enough?
Data recovery software can recover data as effectively as a data recovery service. This includes recovery from data from machines that aren’t booting due to an issue with their boot partition. The only time you really need to use a service is if you have a drive that has failed physically.

Is all data recoverable?
No. When you delete files from your computer or a partition is deleted, there’s a chance that data could be overwritten by new files. If that happens, you won’t be able to get it back.

What if I formatted my hard drive, can I still use data recovery software?
Most good recovery software, like Stellar Phoenix, can recover data even if your hard drive has been formatted. Again, though, if you’ve overwritten your data with new data, that might not be the case.

What does a data recovery service company charge? 
Data recovery services usually price based on the severity of the issue. It can be quite expensive. U.S. electronics chain Best Buy, for example, charges between $200 and $1500 for professional recovery.

What does data recovery cost?
The best tools we reviewed — Stellar Phoenix, Prosoft Engineering and EaseUS — cost around $100 for their flagship PC software. There are some cheaper options out there, like Cleverfiles and Wondershare, though they’re not quite as good.

Do I need I still need cloud backup if I have recovery software?
Yes! Data recovery is never a sure thing, while getting your data back from the cloud is. Also, cloud backup recovery is much faster and can be done from another computer. If you’ve got a good backup plan, you shouldn’t ever need to spend money on recovery software.


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