Betting Big on CASB: Bitglass at Evolve


This post was originally published here by Bill Ng.

The Bitglass team was in full force at Caesar’s Palace for Evolve 2019. As usual, our amazing partner Trace3, put on a world-class event which included over 1,000 attendees from a variety of industries. This annual conference provides an opportunity for customers and partners to learn, network, and evolve. Attendees had the chance to discover new ideas on a myriad of topics, ranging from cutting-edge technology, the importance of leadership, customer service, and more.

Bitglass held down the fort at the Exhibitor VIP Lounge, which allowed us to have many conversations with companies about securing their data and migrating to the cloud. We introduced our real-time agentless approach to cloud security, and explained the various benefits it has in comparison to other solutions.

More highlights included:

  • Hearing from Hew Leith on “What can the world’s first beer brewed by AI teach us?” – yes, you heard that right.
  • The outlier awards and dinner – which was a spectacular evening filled a great meal, an awards ceremony, and networking.
  • Magic Johnson betting me a penny that 2019 will be the last year the Warriors win an NBA Championship (I look forward to getting that penny in 2020).



All in all, we had a great time networking with customers, prospects, and Trace3 peers. Being a part of the event gave us the opportunity to get a better understanding of different security concerns in various fields. The bet on CASB is a safe one, and this was validated throughout all of the many conversations that we had.

Photo:Tech Funnel


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