BlackBerry Workspaces offers ransomware recovery for businesses

    BlackBerry which is trying hard to establish itself in the field of cybersecurity has announced that it has updated its Workspaces Content Collaboration platform with new ransomware recovery capability that will help users to quickly recover their data from cyber attacks more quickly to mitigate potential damage.

    As ransomware is topping the charts of malware attacks, accounting to 39% of malware-related data breaches in 2018, the damage is estimated to cost $11.5 billion on an annual note from 2019- as per a report compiled by Cybersecurity Ventures.

    BlackBerry ransomware recovery tool helps its users in freezing the affected accounts and helps in quarantining them for later analysis. Thus, with BlackBerry Workspaces, administrators can keep a tab on user logs to locate specific workspaces and files that are affected and will also have the capability to roll back the attacked files to pre-attack versions.

    By just removing the affected files, BlackBerry offers a granularity in its ransomware recovery system which helps business firms avoid data loss and productivity that might have otherwise be lost with a company-wide recovery tactic.

    BlackBerry claims that its anti-malware solution will work on Windows PCs, Mac OS, Android and iOS Devices. 

    BlackBerry Limited proudly announced its Workspaces ransomware recovery solution on Monday at the annual Black Hat Security Conference held in Las Vegas, United States.

    Note- BlackBerry which earlier used to manufacture smartphones and tablets ventured into the field of cybersecurity in 2017 by launching software and services to safeguard people, privacy, and IT assets. The Ontario, Canada based company which came into existence since 1984 trades under the ticker symbol “BB” on the Toronto Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange.

    Naveen Goud
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