bringing advanced threat protection to the cloud

This post was originally published here by  Salim Hafid.

Threats to corporate data are growing at a rapid pace, particularly with malware and ransomware becoming more sophisticated. The potential for a zero-day attack to compromise your endpoints, cloud apps, and more is very high. In fact, more endpoints are at risk now with the popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) than ever before. This shift toward cloud and mobile is continuously changing the way IT departments think about threat protection.

Here at Bitglass, we’ve partnered with Cylance for Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) that is more effective and lightweight than traditional AV solutions. Bitglass ATP, powered by Cylance, combines the best of traditional signature-based malware scanning with Cylance’s static-based analyses to thwart known and unknown zero day attacks.cylance3.png

Bitglass ATP is a fully integrated component of our Cloud Access Security Broker(CASB) solution and is hosted in the cloud. It uses attribute extraction, data classification, and machine learning to proactively identify threats.

Real-time protection: Bitglass is the only real-time CASB solution and now with ATP can identify malware and ransomware in real time.

Prevent zero-day attacks: Cylance’s threat protection engine leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to assess risk of a file. Only with this preventive approach to malware attacks can organizations effectively protect against unknown threats at scale.

Instant detection: Unlike behavioral or signature-based analyses, Bitglass ATP powered by Cylance doesn’t rely on signatures and doesn’t need to execute file to identify malware. Bitglass ATP’s static analysis for file classification is almost instantaneous which enables protection of use cases that were not covered by traditional AV vendors.   

Comprehensive Security: Threat protection is just one component of a complete security solution, but a critical component alongside cloud DLP, access controls, and encryption.

Bottom line – Cloud apps free of malware will drastically reduce an enterprise’s attack surface and vectors which in turn will protect their most valuable asset – data.   

Bitglass ATP is fully hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), requires no additional setup to deploy, and works without any agents on the endpoint. Schedule a demo to learn more about how our ATP solution can protect your data in cloud.



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