Britain’s Shipping Company Clarkson Plc hit by Cyber Attack

Britain’s renowned shipping services provider Clarksons is said to have become a victim of cyber attack recently. And a spokesperson from the company issued a warning that the incident could lead to the leak of some critical data shortly.

The UK’s biggest ship brokers said in its latest statement that it is working with the police and law enforcement to track down the mischief creators and has taken all necessary steps to curb such digital massacres in future.

As soon as the news spread that Clarkson Plc was hit by cyber attack, its shares at the London stock exchange took a dive.

As per the sources reporting to our Cybersecurity Insiders, Clarksons Operations are divided into 4 areas- financial, brokerage, support and research. It is said that the company is well known for mediating vessels from some of the world’s largest producers and traders of natural resources. And gains 75 % of its annual revenue from this service.

The recent cyber attack could have exposed some vital details related to the revenue and research carried out by the said UK based ship brokerage service provider after it refused to pay a ransom to the hacker.

However, the company refused to tag this attack as a ransomware incident and said that it would do so only after a Prima Facie is available by this weekend.

Clarkson Plc is said to contact potentially affected clients and individuals directly. And is said to work with data security specialists to investigate the matter further.

Thus, on becoming the victim of the cyber attack, Clarksons joins the list of big companies hit by a major cyber attack this year. And the list includes Uber, Deloitte, Yahoo, Equifax, A-rated website Ashley Madison.

Note- Founded in 1852 the company has over 36 offices on a global note and has been named as an “Undisputed heavyweight of the Ship Brokering Market” by Lloyd’s list in 2011.

Naveen Goud
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