CASB, no bull


This post was originally published here by  Nat Kausik.

Our sales rep in Boston called.  Got a strange tale to tell he said.  Braved morning traffic dressed like a penguin…

… to downtown Boston to meet a prospective customer.  Large financial services shop.  When he got there, they told him they were very sorry but they had to cancel the meeting. Another CASB vendor had just pitched them, and after that pitch they decided CASBs were a solution in search of a problem.  They had no need for ShadowIT discovery.  Our rep was disappointed.  Hear me out, he said, and if you still dont like it, no big deal.

They heard him out.  Real-time inline data protection on any device. No agents or VPN to the office required. Searchable encryption in the cloud. 

Twenty minutes later, our rep was in the car driving off to another meeting .   He gets a call from the contact at the customer.  Can we do a deep dive and a proof of concept?

Bitglass delivers real solutions for real problems.  If you want to keep your data out of WikiLeaks, Bitglass is worth considering.  


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