CASB & the Internet of Things


This post was originally published here by Nat Kausik.

Being the only agentless Next-Gen CASB means we secure corporate data on zillions of varied devices – PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, tablets, phones, smart watches and beyond.  How do we send out security notifications to such a wide range of devices?  

After much discussion, our CTO Anurag Kahol, and SVP of Engineering, Chris Chan, converged on a brilliant plan. Treat all devices as “things.”   All user devices accessing data via Bitglass are configured to send and receive notifications via our AWS IoT service.  If any of your devices are compromised and involved in a risky breach event, all of your devices get notified.  The notification might be an alert, a request to confirm, or a challenge for step-up authentication.

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