China working on Microsoft OpenAI ChatGPT

Any priced item in the world, mostly electronics, gets duplicated in China and is thereafter sold as a cost-effective product. Meaning, those who cannot afford a branded good can get the Chinese product for half or quarter of the price.

The same is also possible in the software world as almost 10 Chinese companies are competing to release a duplicate version of conversational software aka ChatGPT, owned and developed by OpenAI, a publicly funded company of Windows OS giant Microsoft.

Baidu, Inc. is the first to bring out its own version of chat-based AI bot that can give an answer to anything or everything. They say that ‘Ernie Bot’ will release in September this year and Robin Li, the CEO, states that it will be a revolutionary version of what the ChatGPT can produce now.

Similarly, Alibaba, Tencent, a team of AI researchers from Fudan University, is coming up with a similar chat-based AI bot. will announce ChatJD and Fudan University researchers are planning to bring their artificial intelligence propelled by conversational assistant named MOSS by November this year.

China Telecom, NetEase, Kuaishou Technology, Inspur Electronics, and Kunlun are also working on the model of a chat-based ai that is on par with Microsoft’s AI ChatGPT. But are holding the details tight for various reasons.

Well, after New York Times reporter Kevin Roose revealed some astonishing details about the new chat based conversational AI, not all are in favor of the newly innovated tech.

JP Morgan Chase has announced to its employees to stay away from the newly developed data tech as it feels more threatened by the concerns than its benefits.

US Military has been asked not to access the software-based service as it can gather classical information that the enemy or outsiders might seem interested..

NOTE 1- In practical, it is not the technology that needs to be blamed. But it’s the human mind that uses it should take the blame, as they can use it for or against the humankind. What’s you say?

NOTE 2-According to a survey that was published in PloS One Journal, about 39% of household chores such as housecleaning, cooking, taking care of children or the elderly can be automated. And within the next 10 years, most of these activities will be done by robots either hired or bought sole for the purpose. Seems like a character in the famous sitcom “Small Wonder” of late 80s where a small girl android helps a family in their day to day works with intelligence, comedy and some material to think of the Future!


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