Cisco’s new Mobile Security app to curb ransomware and malware attacks on iOS

Cisco has come up with a new security app which promises to offer enterprises more visibility and control over network activity to reduce exposure to common cyber threats. The networking giant devised the app in partnership with Apple Inc and assured that it will show zero impact on employees’ mobile experiences.

Called as Cisco Security Connector App for iOS11, the application platform offers iOS users the privilege to quickly identify what has happened, who was affected and the risk exposure of mobile users operating iOS devices in an enterprise. Cisco’s new iOS app helps in isolating iPhone and iPad users from connecting to malicious websites on the internet, whether on the corporate network, public Wi-Fi or Cellular Networks.

David Ulevitch, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco’s Security Business unit says that the app was built to deliver strong visibility and security enforcement to the customers of both companies.

David added that the app was developed because more than 70% of organizations provide enterprise-issued tablets or smartphones to their employees. And keeping a track of what is happening on the network makes sense to the people who handle or manage corporate data.

As ransomware and malware are increasingly spreading on the internet like a wildfire, Cisco decided to stand out from its competitors by offering a solution as per the needs of its enterprise customers.

Cisco has announced that its new app will provide security functionality through its Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Clarity platforms. It said that the new solution can be deployed on enterprise-managed iOS Devices using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution such as a Cisco Meraki Systems Manager.

Note- Sounds like a solution encouraging Vendor Lock-In…..isnt it?

Naveen Goud
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