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If you already have or are pursuing your CISSP from (ISC)², make sure you have your oven mitts at the ready. That’s because, as reported by CNBC, the new Upwork Skills Index includes the Certified Information Systems Security Professional as one of the 20 hottest job “skills” in the entire U.S. labor market. You read that right. Not just in security. Not just in IT. The entire labor market.

Upwork is a platform for freelancers, so they keep a close eye on the types of skills employers are looking for and update their list quarterly to provide real-time validation of current trends in the labor market and tech industry for their users.

The most recent Index reveals that 17 of the top 20 hottest skills are technical, including proficiencies in such areas as Hadoop, Genetic algorithms and App store optimization. Along with OAuth, attaining and maintaining the CISSP is one of just two cybersecurity skills on the list, demonstrating the popularity and impact of the world’s premiere cybersecurity certification.

This ranking makes sense when you consider recent (ISC)² research that found that the CISSP was also the most sought after cybersecurity certification in the world in 2018. It’s just another reminder of the value of this certification in the cybersecurity profession.

New, Nontraditional Education Options are Proliferating 

CNBC also pointed to five key trends in the job market right now. One of which is a rise in nontraditional education options. The article states that “as companies realize how critical reskilling is for their workforces, they’re turning to workers who are adept in employee training and Learning Management Solution (LMS) consulting to help create programs that encourage cultures of continuous learning. Growth in this area suggests an emerging trend where more people are getting training on the job.”

(ISC)² is ahead of this trend with the launch last week of its Professional Development Institute (PDI), which offers a portfolio of free cybersecurity courses to members and associates to aid them in continuous online learning even beyond certification. According to (ISC)² CEO David Shearer, PDI takes into account the fact that “cybersecurity is not a nine-to-five profession, and one of the biggest challenges facing our members is that it can be difficult for them to find time and opportunities to continue to enhance their skills while also dealing with a dynamic threat environment.” The Institute’s course material is guided by member experts and the topics themselves are driven by member suggestions.

What are some of the pressing cybersecurity trends you’d like to learn more about as you work to strengthen your skills?

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