Cloud security firm Ericom Software acquired by Cradlepoint


Networking firm Cradlepoint has made it official that it is going to acquire cloud security firm Ericom Software for an undisclosed sum. Trade analysts suggest that the purchase of the firm will help Cradlepoint build a secure 5G network that features zero trust, cloud security, and secure access service edge capabilities obtained from Ericom Global Cloud Platform.

As we all know, enterprises need 5G network security that can cut down the attack surface caused by the increased adoption of IoT devices and will help provide agentless identity-driven secure access. Thus, a converged unified platform with a blend of network and security software is expected to deliver a private cellular network available with excellent asset visibility and segmentation of wired and wireless area networks.

Cradlepoint will also own Ericom’s newly developed ZTEdge Security service offering remote browser isolation, cloud access security brokerage, secure web gateway, web app isolation, virtual meeting isolation, and zero-trust network access.

NOTE 1 – More such merger and acquisition deals are expected to take place by the 3Q this year, and among them, about 70% of the deals will wind up by the 2Q of next year. As none of the big tech companies are ready to take chances just before or after the US Presidential Elections to be held in November 2024, perhaps gubernatorial.

NOTE 2 – According to a source reporting from the White House, the upcoming elections to be held at the end of next year will be tough, as two presidential candidates will participate in the election exercise with a virtue that both stood as the candidate to lead North America and have vast experience in terms of age, experience, and wisdom.

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