Cloud Security startup Accurics acquired by Tenable for $160m


Tenable has made an official announcement that it has acquired cloud security startup Accurics for $160 million. Therefore, Accurics programmatic detection and mitigation of risky tools will help customers to securely access and secure infrastructure related to security and development and operations teams.

Speaking at a virtual event, Amit Yoran, the CEO and Chairman of Tenable, stated that the deal will help organizations that are waiting to push their cloud and code journeys forward regarding containers, computing instances and infrastructure as code portfolios.

According to a source from Tenable, the deal is expected to close after November this year and will be clearly subject to prevailing M&A laws.

From the day it was founded in 2019, Accurics was focusing on offering security to Infrastructure as Code (IAC) to enterprise customers. And to a certain extent, have innovated cloud native infrastructures to the core. It has come up with tools that can scan and detect mis-configurations on cloud and delivers fixes to flaws in code to minimize burden to security teams by weeding out risks related to policy violations and mitigating any security risks.

From now on, Tenable will use the technology of Accurics in its container security programs and web application scanning modules. And this includes the recently developed Terrascan, an open source engine that is meant for DevOps seeking over 200,000 downloads for Cloud based IAC practices.

Note 1- In February this year, Tenable closed in a deal with Cybersecurity startup Alsid and trade analysts state the latter was acquired by the former for $98 million and will work to detect flaws and fix them in Microsoft Active Directories.

Note 2- In order to strengthen its stand in industrial security, Tenable acquired a startup named Indegy for $78 million. The plan was to offer visibility and controlled protection across operational technology environments.

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