Cloud Security vendor Zenedge acquired by Oracle!


Zenedge, a cloud-based network, and infrastructure security provider have announced that it is now a part of the prestigious software company Oracle. Though the terms and conditions of the acquisition are not yet out, a source from SEC said that the deal is worth a few double digits in millions and was being crafted since September last year.

Yesterday, Oracle made it official through its blog that cloud security vendor Zenedge will now on be a part of its business subsidiaries. The California based software giant added in its press release that the newly acquired company will work with the same name and the same executive head. Also, the company will continue to take on new customers during and after the acquisition process.

As Zenedge sells Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) related products, Oracle is planning to leverage the technology of the Florida based startup into the WAF and DDoS protection of its Cloud Infrastructure as a service platform and the Domain Name System Capabilities. Thus, Oracle Cloud customers can get the support of the application and network protection to adopt more cloud services from the software giant.

As of now, Zenedge’s products are being used to secure over 800,000 web properties and networks. Adding the capabilities into Oracle’s product family is said to give a boost to Zenedge’s customer base soon.

Also as Oracle is looking to line up its cloud services on par with its competitors like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, it is better if the software giant plans to add more features to its enterprise customers in order to stand out amongst its competitors. The new acquisition is said to fulfill the objective of the software company on this note.

Note 1- Remember, Oracle purchased DYN, a Domain Name System (DNS) provider in 2016 to support customers valuing about the traffic which gets distributed among their applications on the cloud. Thus, Oracle is now planning to integrate the services of Zenedge to boost DYN’s Domain Naming services.

Note 2- The news comes just after the announcement made by Oracle last week that it is adding up 12 new cloud regions to its global computing infrastructure taking the total tally to 43.

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