CloudPassage ‘Apple Effect’ white paper wins Hermes Creative Award


This post was originally published here by Edward Smith.

I’m pleased to announce that CloudPassage’s very own Gregg Rodriguez received a Platinum Hermes Creative Award for his white paper on “Why Security Should Care About ‘The Apple Effect’– How Cloud Computing Unlocks Continuous Innovation.”

The CloudPassage white paper examines how Apple’s culture of continuous innovation enabled the company to deliver new products on such a regular basis that consumers now expect that something new is coming. A phenomenon known as “the Apple Effect.”

“Apple customers don’t just buy Apple products, they also buy or buy into a nonstop stream of ‘something new,’ the effect of which is both intoxicating and addictive.”

Here’s a summary of the CloudPassage ‘Apple Effect’ white paper’s main points:

  • Apple has done such a good job at continuously providing updates to their products that consumers now expect this level of service from other companies too. The expectation of continuous innovation has crossed over to the B2B world where companies now expect that from other companies.
  • Companies need technologies that enable greater speed and scale, so many are turning to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) as a way to enable continuous innovation and continuous delivery(CI/CD). This means that security leaders need to enable all the benefits of the cloud, but without creating undue risk.
  • However, while scale and speed are friends of CI/CD, they can be the enemy of security if not handled correctly. The challenge is that there are simply more things in more places that need to be monitored and protected. Additionally, the rate of change, both for code and infrastructure is orders of magnitude higher.
  • So how do you keep up with a growing inventory of cloud assets and potential issues to resolve while keeping up with the high scale and speed necessary to be competitive? The answer is automation. In order for security practitioners to enable all the benefits of the cloud, they need to maintain awareness of their assets and the issues that threaten those assets, and be able to resolve those at high scale, and high speed–and that’s only possible with automation.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can enable a culture of innovation using the power of IaaS and how Halo Cloud Secure can help you protect that computing environment, download and read the entire CloudPassage ‘Apple Effect’ white paper here.

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