Create order from chaos

By Brandon Rochat, Cybereason regional sales director for Africa [ Join Cybersecurity Insiders ]

The task of managing and interpreting vast amounts of data is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Cyber threats are growing in complexity and frequency, demanding sophisticated solutions that not only detect but also prevent malicious activities effectively.

Cybereason’s MalOp (Malicious Operations) is designed to tackle this challenge head-on, transforming chaos into order by providing comprehensive, real-time insights into security threats.

Chaos in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity teams are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of alerts and data they must sift through daily. Traditional security systems generate numerous alerts, many of which are false positives, leading to alert fatigue and missed genuine threats. This chaotic environment hampers the efficiency of security operations centres (SOCs) and increases the risk of breaches.

Cybereason’s MalOp is a game-changer in this chaotic environment. It consolidates alerts and presents them as a single, coherent storyline, allowing security teams to understand and respond to threats more effectively. Here’s how Cybereason MalOp creates order from chaos:

1.  Consolidation of Alerts

Instead of presenting isolated alerts, MalOp correlates various signals from endpoints, networks, and users to form a comprehensive picture of an attack. This approach reduces noise and highlights the real threats that need attention.

2. High-Fidelity Detections

MalOp employs advanced analytics and machine learning to provide high-fidelity detections. This means fewer false positives and more accurate identification of threats. The system can discern between benign anomalies and actual malicious activities, ensuring that security teams focus on genuine threats.

3. Automation and Guided Remediation

Cybereason MalOp integrates automation to handle repetitive tasks and provide guided remediation steps. This reduces the workload on security teams and ensures swift, effective responses to threats. Automated remediation can neutralise threats instantly, while guided steps assist analysts in more complex scenarios.

Key capabilities of Cybereason MalOp

1. Comprehensive Visibility

Cybereason MalOp provides visibility into the entire attack lifecycle, from root cause to every affected endpoint and user. This holistic view enables security teams to understand the full scope of an attack and take informed action.

2. Rapid Investigation and Response

The platform significantly reduces the time required for threat investigation and response. According to the Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) report, Cybereason reduces investigation periods by as much as 93%. This speed is crucial in minimising the damage caused by cyberattacks.

3. Leveraging All Event Data

Unlike other solutions that limit data collection, Cybereason collects and analyses 100% of event data in real-time. This comprehensive data collection ensures that no critical information is missed, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of threat detection.

4. Scalability

Cybereason boasts an impressive analyst-to-endpoint ratio of 1:200,000, thanks to its advanced automation and machine learning capabilities. This scalability ensures that even large organisations can manage their cybersecurity effectively with limited human resources.

The edge against evolving threats

Traditional antivirus solutions are no longer sufficient, Cybereason moves beyond legacy AV limitations with a multi-layered prevention approach, including intelligence-based, behavioural, deception, NGAV (Next-Generation Antivirus), and machine learning attack prevention.

1. Multi-Layered Prevention

Cybereason’s multi-layered prevention strategy ensures comprehensive protection against various types of threats. By combining different methods, the platform can detect and prevent known, unknown, and emerging threats effectively.

2. Behavioural and Deception Techniques

The platform employs behavioural analysis to identify anomalies indicative of malicious activities. Deception techniques, such as honeypots and decoys, lure attackers into revealing their methods, allowing Cybereason to preemptively counteract threats.

Real-time reporting and actionable intelligence

Cybereason MalOp provides real-time reporting and actionable intelligence, enabling security teams to act swiftly. The platform’s Nocturnus team, comprising world-class threat intelligence analysts, continuously monitors and analyses emerging threats, ensuring that the latest intelligence is always at hand.

1. AI-Powered Insights

Cybereason utilises multiple layers of machine learning to uncover sophisticated threats, including zero-day malware and ransomware. These AI-powered insights make sense of complex data relationships, surfacing the most critical threats for immediate action.

2.Global Threat Intelligence

The Nocturnus team leverages global threat intelligence to stay ahead of cybercriminals. By understanding and disrupting malicious operations worldwide, Cybereason ensures its users are protected against the latest threats.

Tailored solutions for different enterprises

Cybereason offers tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of various enterprises, from small to medium businesses to large corporations. Each solution is designed to provide the critical tools necessary for robust cybersecurity.

1.Small to Medium Enterprises

For smaller enterprises, Cybereason offers a prevention-focused protection plan that includes threat intelligence, NGAV, anti-ransomware, and endpoint controls. These tools provide a solid foundation for protecting against common cyber threats.

2. Large Enterprises

Large enterprises benefit from more advanced capabilities, including EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response), MDR (Managed Detection and Response), incident response, and threat hunting. These features ensure comprehensive protection and rapid response to sophisticated attacks.

3. Ultimate Protection

For organisations seeking the highest level of security, Cybereason offers a comprehensive attack protection plan backed by a $1 million breach protection warranty. This plan includes all features, ensuring that enterprises are fully equipped to handle any cyber threat.

Cybereason MalOp is not just a tool; it is a paradigm shift in cybersecurity, turning chaos into order and enabling security teams to protect their organisations effectively. For more information about Cybereason MalOp and how it can benefit your organisation, visit the Cybereason website.


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