Cyber attack can prove as a potent weapon to tame all nasty intentions of North Korea

Yes, you have read it right! Forget Military Invasion, Cyber Attack now seems to prove as a potent weapon to tame North Korea’s Kim Jung Un nasty intentions.

Just days ago, Theresa May stressed on this fact and now officials from US Department of Defense are endorsing this fact with great anticipation.

As the tension between the US and North Korea intensify, there were media reports that a third world war could be triggered by Trump in panic against Kim Jung Un’s Hydrogen bomb test.

But US military personnel say that Trump’s war could be taken up in a virtual way instead of military invasion and unnecessary blood shed. Officials from the department of defense say that America has enough cyber warfare to launch against any nation and take its entire critical infrastructure under its control.

Although DOD’s latest press statement did not specify any nation, in particular, their response in generalized terms was obviously pointing towards the nasty deeds of Kim Jun Un.

Reacting to a report published in BBC on Sunday, The
Department of Defense admitted that America’s military is now headquartered in Japan and this includes 40,000 personnel halting in Guam and 35,000 personnel on the borders of South Korea.

America has also stationed its USS Ronald Reagan nuclear-powered aircraft super carrier in Japan. And this triggered panic among the world leaders that the US may launch world war 3 on Kim Jung Un and his nation at any moment.

Reacting to these reports, DOD said that Kim Jung’s intentions can be easily tamed by America’s cyber warfare and so the need for a military invasion may not arise at all.
“ Launching missile tests in the waters of neighboring countries is a clear act of provocation and America is not going to tolerate such intentions of any nation and leader now or in near future”, said Dr. John Zangardi, the Principal Deputy Chief Officer of DoD.

Naveen Goud
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