Cyber Attack caused power outage in Ukraine capital Kiev

Cyber attack is said to have caused a power outage in Ukraine capital Kiev leaving most of the populace in darkness. According to sources, the outage which took place on the last weekend was a result of a cyber espionage triggered by a foreign nation. Security forces have been pressed into service to investigate the details of the blackout.

Early today, authorities reported that the incident is said to have affected the automation control systems of the Northern Power substation located near Novi Petrivtsi, close to Kiev. And this resulted in a complete power loss to the capital-located on the river Dnieper.

Engineers from Ukrenergo National Power Company admitted that the blackout could have been caused by the cyber attack. But said that an official statement will be released by evening today.

As per the acting director of Ukrenergo, the automation system failed to restore the power and so manual labor was pressed into service to carry on the work. The director stressed out the fact that the power was partially restored within 30 minutes and within a couple of hours the power was restored in the entire region on a complete note.

The cyber security experts of the company said that some external interference through the dark network has caused the blackout and law enforcement authorities are raising their finger at Russia.

It has to be notified over here that a similar attack was launched on the same power station a year ago during the same Christmas season. So, the latest can be termed as a second blackout in the history of Ukraine.

Although, power outages are common in Winter, authorities at the power station confirmed that this was a premeditated and well coordinated cyber attack.

Naveen Goud
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