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After a ransomware attack on Huntsville City Schools, the School Districts in North Alabama seem to take all precautionary measures to evade such cyber attacks on the advice of the Alabama Department of Education.

Decatur City Schools based in Alabama are busy training its staff and students not to click on email links sent by illegitimate parties, as it can lead to ransomware infection on its network.

“Our IT staff is also seen constantly monitoring cyber threats with the help of automated threat solutions”, said Emily Elam, Technology Supervisor, Decatur City Schools.

Second, a nonprofit mental and behavioral health monitoring organization is said to have become a victim of a cyber attack divulging data related to over 295,000 patients was exposed.

Colorado based AspenPointe is the organization that witnessed a cyber attack on its systems in Sept 2020, forcing the healthcare services provided to pull down the systems offline, causing digital disruptions to operations for its working staff.

Names, driving license numbers, bank account details, social security numbers, Medicaid Numbers, dates of visits, admission dates and some diagnosis records were alleged to be accessed by hackers.

AspenPointe has offered a free one year complimentary identity theft protection services and a $1m as compensation to those affected thereafter.

Third, Louisiana based Stuller has released an official statement yesterday that its servers based in Lafayette Headquarters were hit by a cyber attack on Saturday last week. And so, customers might witness a delay in shipments and phone inquiries for the next few days.

Unconfirmed sources report that the attack might be on ransomware genre.

Fourth, news is out that hackers’ group named BlackShadow had accessed sensitive information of customers related to Shirbit Insurance because of which the company has taken the help of a Cybersecurity firm to probe down the impact.

Hackers fraudulently accessed details such as Photo ID Cards, driving license details, and. And unconfirmed sources say details related to a section of government employees were also accessed by hackers.

The National Cyber Directorate and Capital Market Authority have launched a probe in this matter, as hackers stole many sensitive details. But there is no confirmed info about the stolen data being used, sold, or distributed on the dark web- as speculated in the Tel Aviv based print media.

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