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Yellow Pages Canada reportedly fell victim to a Black Basta Ransomware attack at the end of March this year. News has emerged that the criminals siphoned sensitive details and data from the servers of the Canadian Directory services provider, including information such as tax documents, sales and purchase deals, spreadsheets related to the accounts department, and many scanned passport and driving license documents related to customers and employees.

Franco Sciannamblo, the VP and CFO of the company, confirmed the news and assured that more details will be provided after a thorough investigation is conducted.

Black Basta has emerged as one of the notorious ransomware-spreading groups after LockBit and is seen taking down computer networks of many notable companies such as Capita and Sobeys.

Fincantieri Marine Group (FMG) expressed its concerns over the weekend as it fell prey to a ransomware attack on April 12th, 2023. The IT staff of the US Defense and Navy contractor are working with full force to recover the IT assets immediately. Certain systems have been isolated, and the company’s Italian subsidiary, Fincantieri SpA, has assured that no employee or personal details of customers or staff were fraudulently accessed or stolen in the attack.

Third is an interesting piece of news related to the BumbleBee malware, which is seen spreading through Google Ads and SEO Poisoning. Interestingly, cybercriminals are found spreading this malware via software ads related to Zoom, ChatGPT, Citrix Workspace, and Cisco AnyConnect. The highlight of this software is that it starts operating after 3 hours of its infection and starts tracking down accessible network points, spreading to other machines, exfiltrating data, and deploying ransomware.

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