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1.) Argenta, a savings bank in Belgium, is reported to have suffered a cyber attack recently and reports are in that the incident might be the first jackpotting attack in the history of Belgium- forcing the Argenta bank to shut down 42 of its teller machines as two of them were targeted badly.

‘ATM Jackpotting’ is a kind of cyber attack where hackers install software/hardware in ATMs forcing them to spew out all the cash at one go. However, hackers need a lot of expertise to launch such attacks like making a remote or physical connection to the ATM via a USB port or by other means.

2.) Coming to the second incident, security researchers from Israel based Cybersecurity firm Kela have discovered a database containing millions of email addresses and usernames from a breached database related to a UK based ticketing sales company. The security firm says that the information holding server was accessed by hackers on July 8 this year and over 4.8 million records were accessed and put for sale by them on the dark web.

When an automated analysis was conducted, over 3% of emails from among 10K were found to be duplicated. Unconfirmed reports say that the leaked data was related to Ticketmaster and impacted users are located mainly in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, France, the UK, and the US.

3.) Welcome Chat, renowned for its secure mode of chat communication is in news for all wrong reasons. According to the researchers from ESET, the chat app is seen spying on its users and harvesting their data to servers located in the middle east.

News is out that the communication app is linked to a hackers group dubbed Gaza Hacker/s alias Molerals and is reported to be transmitting data without encryption. And the highlight of this app hack story is that the developer is unreachable making it hard for the security researchers to contact him/her to make aware of the situation.

4.) Researchers from Trustwave claim that Chinese tax software vendor Intelligent produced by Aisino Corporation is offering a backdoor for hackers to run a malware campaign. And the highlight of the news is that the said tax software is being backed up by the government as all banks operating in the People’s Republic of China need to download the software from either Aisino or Baiwang to comply with the Golden VAT Tax Scheme. So, is the malware campaign is being funded by the government or by the intelligence -Only god can give an exact answer to this question.

Naveen Goud
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