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TOMRA, the company that deals with mining and recycling services in Norway was hit by a cyber attack disrupting whole of its systems related to metal sorting, mining machines and food sorting equipment. The company that has an annual turnover of $1.2 billion has assured that it will issue more updates when the preliminary investigation gets completed. As of now, there is no evidence that the incident is related to malware.

Another iron ore and metal substances dealing Australian company named Fortescue Metals Group LTD has fallen prey to a sophisticated cyber-attack, where hackers accessed and stole some data. As per a news resource from Perth, Australia, CLOP ransomware gang is suspected to be behind the incident and is in no way related to the MoveIT file transfer software related cyber-attack.

Third is the news related to a report released by Symantec Threat Hunting Group that claims to have gained evidence that FIN8 Threat Actor is seen distributing BlackCat ransomware via a backdoor named Sardonic malware.

Henry Ford Health is the next business that is hitting the news headlines for falling prey to an email phishing scheme leading to data leak of about 168,000 patients. But a confirmed source stated that the data which was accessed by the cyber criminals was stored in an email attachment containing details like DoB, age, lab results, procedure type, diagnosis, date of service, health card details, contact number and internal database related tracking number. According to news press release, the company is busy investigating the incident and assured that it will take all measures to curb such incidents in the future.

JumpCloud, the cloud-based IT management software offering business has revealed that a sophisticated threat actor belonging to an APT group has hacked its database leading to information leak. Currently, there is zero evidence that the attack impacted the customers. However, as a precautionary measure the zero-trust offering platform that serves over 200,000 organizations worldwide has chosen to rebuilt its systems and rotate account credentials to avoid any untoward incident in future.

A Netherlands based research facility backed by NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences have developed a Maritime Cyber Attack Database (MCAD) that keeps a record of all maritime incidents happening around the world.  The repository has about 160 incidents already recorded that includes spoofing of NATO ships visiting Ukraine in Black Sea in 2021 or before the start of war between Kyiv and Moscow.

Next is the news related to a hacker’s group that targeted few government websites and the Parliamentarian website of New Zealand Government. ‘NoName057’ is the hackers group that is super active on Telegram and admitted that it is behind the DDoS cyber-attack launched on the websites related to Parliamentary Counsel Office (PCO). However, no damage was reported by PCO that also issued a statement that all the stored info was safe and secure.

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