Cyber Attack on Abta Travel Website affects 43000 users

A Cyber Attack on Abta Travel website is said to have exposed personal details of more than 43,000 individuals. The good news is that no bank details were leaked in this cyber heist. And the bad news is that details such as names, addresses, and phone numbers could have been compromised giving criminals a gateway to fraudulently open bank accounts.

NOTE- Abta is a UK based travel website, which offers travel comforts to its patrons. The company is said to have a history of selling 32 billion pounds worth of holidays each year and has a user base touching 1 million.

Mark Tanzer, the Chief Executive of ABTA said that his UK’s website was hacked on February 27th,2017 leaking some vital info. But there is no evidence which proves that the information was shared beyond the infiltrator. 

The attack was launched through a vulnerability open on the third part supplier of website.

Mr. Tanzer added that his team is actively monitoring the situation and already precautionary measures are in place to save users from any kind of embarrassment. He added that his team has reviewed the cyber security strategies and will ensure that every endpoint in the cyber security chain is secure in future.

Abta has also alerted the police and the Information Commissioner about the incident.

In this year, hackers are seen eagerly targeting companies based in the UK. And that to those which are related to telecommunication sector. Three, and talk talk are few of those to name, who experienced cyber attacks in this year.

Now, the latest hack suggests us that the cyber crooks are also eyeing companies from travel sector. And Abta happens to be one of those unfortunates.

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Naveen Goud
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