Cyber Attack on Australia Telstra leads to a data breach after Optus

Almost two weeks ago, Australia’s largest Telecom operator, Optus, disclosed that it became a target of a sophisticated cyber attack that led to information steal of its customers. Now, on Tuesday, another communication firm in Australia reported the same.

However, the difference is that the second attack wasn’t massive and just led to exposure of some employee data antecede to 2017.

As per the details leaked to the print media, the leaked data was ‘basic’ and belonged affected almost 30,000 employees.

Why the breach took place just after Optus’ cyber attack is yet to be probed. But the incident did impact ex and current staff only.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese informed the populace of his country that all public and private agencies should treat this incident as a ‘wake-up call’ and assured that all compromised driving licenses and passport numbers accessed by hackers will be replaced by government authorities.

Now, with the disclosure of the Telstra Cyber Attack, the government might take immediate security steps to block threats targeting national security.

Earlier, the cyber attack on Optus was suspected to be an act of Russia in retaliation for Australia’s virtual support in Ukraine. And now, with the latest on Telstra, Australia’s speculations on the Kremlin’s nasty acts can be treated as true.

NOTE 1 – All nations supporting the Zelenskyy-led nation should upraise their vigilance on threats emerging from Moscow.

NOTE 2- With Kyiv winning back its lost battles with the Russian Military, Putin seems to be deeply interested in starting nuclear warfare with its neighboring nation.


Naveen Goud
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