Cyber Attack on France Presidential Candidate Macron


France has alleged Russia for cyber attacking presidential probable Emmanuel Macron to put down his winning stance in the upcoming elections. Macron who is currently riding high in the polls has said through his spokesperson that his campaign website and email servers were hacked in January this year.

In an interview to Journal Du Dimanche French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault admitted that Russia was trying to influence the election polls of France to make Marine Le Pen or Francois Fillon the next France President.

Telegraph which retrospected the whole hack saga came to a conclusion that the situation in coming days might turn grim and might even mimic the current political situation of America after France elections

Since Emmanuel Macron is a Pro-Europe; Russia is trying to tarnish the image of Marcon by analyzing his political emails.

What is amazing in this whole hacking drama is that Russia happens to be the first nation to say that non-interference in domestic affairs has to be followed as a cardinal rule by all nations. But in practical it deflects from its prediction and instead snoops in the internal matters of other nations.

In January 2017, law enforcement agencies disclosed to the media that Russia influenced the US 2016 Elections to favor Donald Trump by hacking into the secrets of Presidential probable Hillary Clinton.

Now, France media has also started accusing Moscow of hacking the email servers of certain presidential candidates.

But the French Defense Council has officially stated that it is not going to take these incidents lightly and will retaliate soon.

Last week, UK government accused Russia & China of snooping into its political and foreign secrets. The Defense Secretary of Britain said that his nation is not going to take these activities lightly anymore.

So, Russia seems to be bearing a lot of negativity from other nations these days…..?

What do you say…?

Naveen Goud
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