Cyber attack on German Car sharing website leaks critical details


Comuto Deutschland has made it official early today that cyber criminals have managed to steal its user data from two of its defunct car sharing platforms. The details include bank account details along with contact info of more than 600,000 customers. The company assumes that the cyber strike was made by a group of hackers from Russia.

The site names from which the details were stolen are and Both these site features and customer databases were merged and replaced by a company called BlaBlaCar in 2015.

As per the sources, more than 600,000 IBAN and bank account numbers were spilled in the hack. Also, more than 100,000 email addresses and 15,000 mobile phone numbers along with the usernames and physical addresses were ripped off from the database by cyber criminals.

But the new user details of BlaBlaCar were safe and well protected under a different security system.

As per the preliminary inquiry launched by BlaBlaCar, the hack took place at the end of October and the cyber crooks caught hold of the archived data from the two defunct car sharing platforms. The officials at the company said that it was a well-organized crime taken up by a remotely operating hacking group. They also added that hackers group is from Russia and their full details are now available with the Federal Office for Information Security.

The German Car sharing company has apologized for this hack and said that the users who used the two defunct companies services earlier should take a look at their bank accounts for any fraudulent activity in the past six months.

If anything suspicious is found, they should immediately report to the company on the 0800-32-32-555 telephone number.

The German government has already warned all the businesses operating in its nation about a possible cyber attack early next year. It has alerted all the businesses operating in its domain to take proactive cyber security measures in order to protect its nation’s integrity against Russian cyber invasion.

Naveen Goud
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