Cyber Attack on Iran Nuclear Facility by USA or Israel

Iran has issued a direct warning to two nations- the United States and Israel; that it will launch a retaliation related cyber attack, if any of the two nations is found guilty, in digitally disrupting its Natanz Nuclear Factory mid-last week.


Highly placed sources say that a fire broke out in the facility last week, with Iran suspecting a digital hand of either Israel or US in the cyberattack propelled nuclear facility disruption.


Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) acknowledged the news by stating that the fire mishap was a result of a cyber-attack and the Ministry urged the two nations to revise their policies against Tehran.


Note 1-Iran’s Natanz Nuclear Facility is used for Uranium Enrichment and is under the constant vigil of the UN Nuclear Watchdog- International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA).


Note 2- In the year 2010, the US launched a digital attack on the Natanz nuclear facility which at that time was being used for electricity generation in Iran. And sources add that a newly developed Stuxnet Computer Virus to disrupt the facility by Washington or Tel Aviv.


Note 3- Now, Iranian officials claim that the latest fire disruption in the facility was also due to the digital invasion, but failed to pin down the incident on the two nations due to lack of evidence. However, the Defense Intelligence Agency who is probing the incident has warned that if the nation led by Donald Trump is found guilty in the attack, it has to get ready to face serious consequences over the incident.


Naveen Goud
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