Cyber Attack on Iranian Country Ports


Iran has released a press statement that two of its country’s ports were hit by a cyber attack. However, news is out that the attacks were neutralized in time, thus avoiding severe damage to the controls systems of the seaports.

Iran’s Computer Emergency Response Team Co-Ordination Centre has confirmed the news and cited that the foreign digital invasion possibility cannot be ruled out.

Two weeks back, Iran’s News Agencies were seen reporting that Iran’s Ports and Shipping Organizations along with some companies in the Maritime Industry were vulnerable to cyber attacks from adversaries.

Readers of Cybersecurity Insiders have to notify a fact over here that some government Israeli websites were hit by Iranian hackers in May 2020, as all of their content was replaced with a single message of “Threatening Israeli’s” with Destruction.

A month later, Israel retaliated by attacking the sea port of Shahid Rajaee, that created a lot of chaos between Iran and US as the latter supported Israel for reasons.

Note 1- Launching Cyber Attacks on the critical infrastructure of nations has become a necessity for some adversary nation as they want to steal intellectual property, finances and some trade secrets of public and private entities. So, n this scenario protecting their digital assets against state funded attacks has become a tiresome issue for many nations, especially from west.

Note 2- Five Eyes alliance has retaliated cyber attacks launched by adversary nations on western countries with the same set of cyber warfare.

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