Cyber Attack to blackout Virgin Media Internet users for one month

UK’s most popular internet service provider Virgin Media has released a press statement on Tuesday saying that it has become a recent victim of a cyber attack and the repercussions of the espionage will last until mid next month for most users.

The recent press statement has left most of the Virgin Media Customers frustrated, as their Christmas plans have been badly hit by the internet blackout. Most of them have expressed their anger on Twitter and are thinking to sue the ISP in 2017.

Technically speaking, only a few of the Virgin Media customers will face a total blackout in this month. Rest of them will either have slow connectivity or might face an outage during peak web-browsing periods.

Virgin Media technical team is already working hard to resolve the issue at the earliest. But they say that the problems can only be fixed by January 18th, 2017 as some other technical snags have erupted in the meantime.

According to a Daily Mail (DM) report, people across the UK are facing the web and mobile signal outage issues. Down Detector, a website which allows people report issues related to the internet and mobile signals came up with the latest stats on this issue through DM. The service provider estimates that 63% of the users in the UK have so far reported issues related to the internet and 36% have phone signal problems.

As per the estimate carried out by USwitch, there are 4.9 million Virgin Media Broadband users in the UK till the start of November this year. But due to this month long internet outage, the numbers might dwindle sharply by April next year.

Customers from Blackpool, Basildon, North Belfast, Leeds, Barking, and Peterborough were the ones who were badly affected by this outage.

Remember, TalkTalk and Three witnessed similar cyber attack outages in this year.

More details will be updated shortly!

Naveen Goud
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