Cyber Attacks on AIIMS India state Chinese Involvement

A few days ago, the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) based in Delhi was hit by a cyber attack of ransomware variant and sources report that the hackers are demanding Rs 200 Crores to return the stolen information belonging to millions of patients that would be otherwise sold on the dark web.

According to a probe conducted by CERT-IN, Chinese involvement is suspected behind the incident and reports are in that the hackers targeted a few of the other government agencies whose attack details are yet to be made public.

China has always treated India as its enemy as it wants a portion of the sub-continent which it claims to be of Chinese origin. As its population is booming with no boundaries, it is eying space and lands of its neighboring nations and is ready to take extreme measures to take claim.

The latest attack on Shri Narendra Modi led nation appears to be done with the above said motive.

AIIMS seems to be disinterested in entertaining the demands of the Chinese hackers, as it has a data continuity plan as a backup. Thus, the recovery of the lost patient data can take place within a period of a fortnight.

Meanwhile, the IT staff are taking all measures to block the leak of the stolen data onto the dark web and have sought the help of an International Cybersecurity Firm.

NOTE- In April this year, hacking units from China launched a sophisticated attack on the electrical distribution system of 7 Indian companies responsible for carrying out operations on the borders of Ladakh, shared by the Xi-Jinping led nation.


Naveen Goud
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