Cyber Threat warning to never search for these things on Google


Whether you are using a mobile phone or a laptop for your online search needs, security experts are recommending not to indulge in such activity without weighing the pros and cons on a proper note.

While it is easy to gain knowledge about everything on Google these days, there is a high chance that the activity can land you into deep trouble if you show some carelessness. As scammers are always on the prowl to target victims by optimizing search results with fake results, products, services, names, addresses or contact numbers.

So, be careful while searching for customer care numbers on Google as many of the fraudsters are posting fake business listings and customer care numbers that can land you into deep trouble in the future. So, better rely on apps that the companies are offering to avoid such fake website or service troubles.

Also, while doing banking or online shopping, make sure you double check the URL that you are accessing, as scammers are seen posting fake websites that can skim the login credentials.

Never download apps and software from Google search as it can induce malware or spying software onto the device. Therefore, always rely on the official app stores like Google Play or Apple Store.

Never-ever rely on the free tips that are being offered related to finances and stock market as often such content dumped on Google is misleading or favoring few individuals or companies.

Last, but not the least, always re-verify the government websites that you are accessing to file municipal taxes, water bills and other utility services as scammers are seen offering a counterfeit to such websites to dupe the general public. Plus, do not search for discount coupons on Google search as it lands the victims into deep trouble by making them click on malicious websites that steal bank login details and currency from e-wallets.

Note- Keeping aside cyber hygiene, a personal tip from our Cybersecurity Insiders who are reading this article. Don’t ever blindly believe on the tips offered on health, medical prescriptions, weight loss and nutrition as such tips have mostly landed the followers in deep health issues.

Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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