Data Crunch: Stats or Scoreboards?

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When it comes to measuring success for your team, finding a reliable and accurate means for doing so can be more difficult than it might appear. UpGuard’s VP of Product, Greg Pollock, wrote about his insights into instituting such metrics and understanding the difference between “behavior” and “results.”

Each quarter our performance tracking software asks us to plot ourselves on a coordinate plane where the axes are “behavior” and “results.” This distinction between what we do and what it is worth can be applied to organizations– and probably any system– more generally. We need to know both how well those systems are operating and whether “operating well” actually results in the desired outcome. These two necessities result in two kinds of measurement systems: operational statistics and scoreboards.

The difference between the two can be easily understood by looking at well developed competitive domains, or what a less nerdy person might call “sports.”

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